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Specific Loss Benefits

Section 212(3) of the Workers’ Compensation Act provides a schedule of benefits for the actual loss of a body part in a work-related injury. In these cases, you are automatically entitled to benefits for the number of weeks specified below, regardless of whether you are back to work or not. After that, your entitlement to further benefits depends on your degree of incapacity (whether you have work restrictions that prevent you from doing your job as determined by a doctor). Specific loss does not include scarring and disfigurement.

  • Thumb – 65 weeks
  • First finger – 38 weeks
  • Second finger – 33 weeks
  • Third finger – 22 weeks
  • Fourth finger – 16 weeks
  • Big toe – 33 weeks
  • Other toes – 11 weeks

(The loss of the first phalange of the thumb, finger or toe is considered to be equal to the loss of ½ of that thumb, finger, toe and compensation is ½ of the amounts stated above. The loss of more than one phalange is considered the loss of the entire thumb, finger or toe.)

  • Hand – 215 weeks
  • Arm – 29 weeks
  • Foot – 162 weeks
  • Leg – 215 weeks
  • Eye – 162 weeks (80% vision loss of one eye equals the total loss of that eye)