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Repetitive Motion and Overuse Injuries

Repetitive motion and overuse injuries are compensable under Maine workers’ compensation law. The most common work-related repetitive motion and overuse injuries involve the wrists, elbows, and hands due to repetitive keyboard activities (typing, clicking an d mousing). Office workers spend hours at a time sitting in a fixed position in front of a computer entering data. If the work station is non-ergonomic or the worker goes too many hours without a break, it can cause a nerve entrapment syndrome such as carpal tunnel syndrome or epicondylitis (tennis elbow). Mechanics who perform overhead work and constantly use their hands are also prone to repetitive motion and overuse injuries, as are production workers, carpenters, welders, masons, warehouse workers, and picker/packers. Maine Employee Rights Group has secured compensation for many workers with repetitive motion and overuse injuries and has also negotiated for workers with permanent restrictions to return to lighter jobs with their employer.

If you have a repetitive motion or overuse injury that is keeping you out of work, call Maine Employee Rights Group, 207.874.0905, so we can help.