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Sanford, Maine Employment Lawyers

Situated on the Mousam River, 13 miles west of Kennebunk is Sanford, “the heart of York County.” Sanford includes the village of Springvale and was once a booming textile mill producer. When the mills shut down, Sanford, like so many other Maine cities and towns, had to reinvent itself. Life Magazine called Sanford “the town that refused to die.” Today, Sanford’s leading employers are Pratt & Whitney, Goodall Hospital, Maine Manufacturing and Tom’s of Maine. The City features many lakes in wooded areas, making it a popular spot for camping, and in the summer, the Sanford Mainers, a New England Collegiate Baseball team plays at historic Goodall Park, the same field where Babe Ruth hit his last home run as a Red Sox player.

Maine Employee Rights Group represents Sanford employees in all types of employment discrimination cases. Examples of recent cases we handled for Sanford employees include:

Disability Discrimination

Our firm represented a client with cerebral palsy who was terminated from his inventory job at a major box store after a new manager came on board who decided, with no basis whatsoever, that our client could not do the job he had been doing for years. The manager made our client apply for a reasonable accommodation as a condition of keeping his job, then denied him the requested accommodation, demoted him and ultimately terminated his employment. We were able to capitalize on this store’s known history of disability discrimination by introducing evidence of internal memoranda directing store managers to weed out “less healthy” workers, which resulted in an investigation by the EEOC and Consent Decree requiring the store to observe the anti-discrimination statutes and compensate victims of past discrimination. The case was settled without our having to file suit.

Class Action Failure to pay Overtime

We represented a class of 20 field technicians against a surveying company that failed to pay overtime in accordance with Maine’s wage and hour laws which require payment of time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 in any given workweek. We met with and interviewed each member of the class about their particular job duties and the amount of overtime each worked. Although there was some variation in the job duties each class member performed, we were able to convince the court that there claims were similar enough to combine them in a single lawsuit, which was a major hurdle. Another major hurdle was proving that our class members did not fall into any of the exemptions from the overtime law due to their skill level. We were able to obtain a monetary settlement for each class member shortly after we filed suit.

If you have been discriminated against on the basis of a disability or perceived disability, or if your employer has failed to pay your wages or overtime, call Maine Employee Rights Group today, 207.874.0905, for legal consultation.