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Portland, Maine Employment Lawyers

Recently Ranked No. 1 on Forbes.com "America's Most Livable Cities," Portland Maine is home to over 65,000 people. The Greater Portland Area is home to over 500,000 people, more than one third of Maine's total population, as well as the historic Old Port, a vibrant Arts District, three minor-league sports teams, three universities, two major hospitals, and several national financial services organizations. Portland is Maine's business, financial and retail capital, with approximately 165,000 people working in insurance, financing, real estate, tourism, fishing, construction and light manufacturing, high-technology and telecommunications, and healthcare. The working people of Portland have a uniquely strong work ethic with low absenteeism and turnover rates. Portland's motto "Resurgam" (Latin for "I will rise again") pays homage to the City's recovery from four devastating fires and captures the spirit of the City's residents.

Maine Employee Rights Group has been standing up for the working people of Portland since 1994. Examples of recent cases we have handled for Portland employees include:

Disability Discrimination

Our firm represented Jesse Michaud, a seasonal UPS driver who was denied a permanent position after UPS learned he had rheumatoid arthritis. We took the case to trial in federal court, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Maine Human Rights Act, and seeking back pay and reinstatement to a permanent package delivery job. The jury found that UPS had violated Mr. Michaud's civil rights and awarded $126,855.59 in back pay plus attorneys' fees. The court also ordered UPS to reinstate Mr. Michaud to a permanent package delivery job. This is the second jury verdict obtained by a member of our firm in the past five years against UPS for disability discrimination providing back pay and reinstatement to a driver.

Denial of Request for Reasonable Accommodation

We represented a nurse with terminal cancer who was forced to resign after her employer refused to allow her to work a reduced schedule. Our client was a career nurse who was able to perform all of the essential functions of her position but needed to work shorter shifts while having chemotherapy. Her supervisor refused and accused her of lying about the reason for her request and exaggerating the effects of her illness. We filed suit in federal court, alleging violations of the Rehabilitation Act and Family Medical Leave Act, and seeking both monetary compensation and an order requiring the employer to train its supervisors on disability discrimination and discipline the supervisors who denied our client this reasonable accommodation. We also hired a psychological expert to testify about the emotional distress our client suffered as a result of being terminated. The case resulted in a monetary settlement to our client.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Our firm represented a truck driver who was terminated after complaining about his employer's noncompliance with commercial motor vehicle safety regulations. Our client had a spotless performance record but once he blew the whistle, he was labeled a "complainer" and was put on probation for having an "attitude." When our client continued to complain about ongoing vehicle safety issues, his probation was extended and he was terminated. We represented this client in federal court, alleging violations of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act, Maine Whistleblower Protection Act, and Maine Human Rights Act. Our experienced employment lawyers defeated the employer's attempt to get the case dismissed on summary judgment. The case resulted in a monetary settlement to our client.

If you have been terminated because of your disability or need for medical leave, or in retaliation for reporting unsafe or unlawful activities at work, call Maine Employee Rights Group today for a consultation, 207.874.0905.